Ambassadors of Norwegian design

19. August 2010 | | Category: News
Ambassadors of Norwegian design

The official opening of Oslo Fashion Week was held on Tuesday, where celebrities, people fromm the industry, press and bloggers met up for a night of glamour.

The evening was packed with entertaining acts, from live performances from the band Montèe to fashion shows. Most exciting though, was definitely the award for this years ambassador of Norwegian fashion design.

Among other strong nominees such as NRK, Samsaya and Mariann Thomassen it was Moods of Norway who took the pocal, or bust as it was in this case. The prestigiuos award was given to the design duo accompanied by howling applaus from the guests. Jury foreman, and founder of OFW, Pål Vassbotn explained why the brand has deserved the award this year. “There’s no doubt these guys has built their business idea on promoting Norwegian design. ” He brought up the fact that they use typical Norwegian elements from traditions that we alle love. Recently Moods of Norway have expanded to America, and like Vassbotn said “They are selling, they’re selling a lot.”

Simen Staalnacke and Peder Børresen came out, smiling as aways, on stage in their trademark colorful plaid suits, and thanked the jury. As they said “We just do what we like, and give it our all”. Surely they’re not just funny, but also being good inspiration for other Norwegian designers when they say “Nobody remembers a coward” and “hunger and thirst, fashion first”. A very well deserved award for Moods of Norway, and we wish them contionous success with their genius brand.


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