Oslo Fashion Week bans fur on catwalk

09. December 2010 | | Category: News
Oslo Fashion Week bans fur on catwalk
Oslo Fashion Week is one of many that have signed a petition against the use of fur, thus becoming the first Fashion Week in the world to ban fur from the catwalk.

- This is to increase the focus on ethics in fashion, says Pål Vassbotn, Managing Director of OFW.

The announcement comes in the wake of the initiative Mote mot Pels (Fashion Against Fur) started by designer Fam Irvoll, designer and stylist Kjell Nordström (aka Baron von Bulldog) and fashion editor Hilde Marstrander, in collaboration with the activist group NOAH.

- With Mote mot Pels we wish to send a clear message that a significant part of the Norwegian fashion industry is opposed to fur, whether under disgraceful conditions at the fur farm, on the catwalk, a celebrity party, or in the fashion magazine, says Marstrander to NOAHs Ark.

Over 200 designers, photographers, fashion journalists, stylists, editors and other individuals in the fashion industry has signed the petition. Among the designers we find Fam Irvoll, Leila Hafzi, John Erling Vinnem and Undorn.

Fashion and lifestyle magazines have also signed the petition and declare that they will not use images of real fur in their magazines. Among these we find Elle, KK, Det Nye and Cosmopolitan.

- It is not OFW’s role to dictate what designers should design. But it is very good that they have made their decision based on ethical principles, says Sissel Hoffengh, a fashion reporter at Dagsavisen.

Copenhagen Fashon Week will not ban fur
Copenhagen Fashion Week however does not share the same view on the use of fur.
- We believe that fur is a central part of fashion and we have no plans to ban fur from CFW, says CEO of CFW Eva Kruse to Norwegian Fashion.no.

- Skin and leather is a part of fashion, so it’s natural that fur is also included. We choose to put our ethical focus on what country the fur comes from and that national law and guidelines are followed for handling and killing animals.

She also points out what would happened if fur farms where shut down in Scandinavia.
- If fur farms are shut down in Norway, the production would just move to other countries like China. Then we will lose all control of how animals are treated.

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  1. That's a great step towards removing fur from the fashion world, and stop the fur industry's cruel exploitation of innocent animals. It's unethical and very pollutant to the environment.
    There are so many other ways to keep warm in the winter and look fashionable!
  2. That is put in the media by OFW staff because it makes someone/media/bloggers/everyone :) write about OFW. BTW Love OFW and it is much better than Stockholm FW and Copenhagen FW alltogether :P
  3. This is simply outrageous - and will yet again set the norwegian attempt on trying to create a competitive fashion scene with a fashion week that actually encourages and supports norwegian fashion designers further behind. Eva Kruse from Danish Fashion Institute is absolutely right - Forbidding Fur on the catwalk at OFW will eventually lead to Shutting down the fur industry in Norway which again would lead to less control of the mink farms and would in no means be useful - local production of leather, fur, textiles etc is extremely important for the fashion industry and whether we like it or not fur is, when produced under ethical and fair circumstances a crucial part of the international fashion industry !

    But then again - it is just another example of the norwegians not being interrested in taking part in the international global mind set of fashion ! Why not lear from our neighbors in Denmark and Sweden ?!

    best regards from a Norwegian Fashion student abroad with no intentions of coming back and rocking up with the norwegian fashion scene when it being so narrow minded ...
  4. reply for karoline

    narrow minded is for you that write 'fur industry is a crucial part of the fashion industry'. that fashion industry must die and will die..soon or later...

    the only evolution towards design is to be innovative and to find 100% solution to be beautiful and still fair towards nature, there are no others way... you can still be with the majority that doesn't want the change..but is occurring... you'll be one of the many that was making easier the process or not, is your only choice.
  5. I totally agree with Sara, fashion biz needs to evolve towards a new system, one that finds new solutions and new materials, that denys and rejects this endless and foolish consumistic frenzy. Until civilized countries won't be able to set the standards and get the new trends going we are meant to disappear. You can't win against China...
  6. @saynotofur2011: I think you are right. I too believe this is a PR stunt.

    @Sara Loi: I wonder how you have come up with the idea that the fashion industry will die.

    The fashion industry has existed since the middle ages. - I do not believe it's to any Fashion Week's own good to ban certain categories from the catwalk. What happens the day leather is banned from the catwalk? And what about all the people using faux fur? Isn't it because they wish they had the money to wear real fur? If not, why buy faux fur?
  7. I think fur looks stupid. I'm glad they banned it.
  8. @Johnny Fashionthat

    I am a fashion designer and i didn't say that fashion will die, but only the way we perceive fashion. The end of fashion that abuse others being and nature. that's all

    beauty is a 100 degree spectrum. and creative minds and consumers will need to face it!! what the purpose to be beautiful while others being are suffering?? tell me